Project name:

Vetee App - Concept


Vetee is the concept of a mobile application for booking appointments with a veterinarian. The application is aimed at animal owners, behaviorists, animal care homes, animal shelters and animal foundations.

My role:

My role is to design a new, simple and clear application that can be used universally by specialists and ordinary users.

The Business Model Canvas

User pains

User Research

The first stage of designing was to research the users themselves. Due to the specific industry, I wanted to meet the people who visit the site the most. I wanted to find out what the purpose of visiting the site is and what they are most often looking for. I also wanted to do research on the most undesirable elements that have been on the company's website so far

Creating a persona

Google Analytics


The competition of the brand focuses on a clean and simple design. My task was to stand out from other companies in the industry. I analyzed a few elements that could be implemented in my project.

A lot of similar companies took care of their website negligently. Therefore, this project aimed to stand out above the rest of the organization.

After talking to the sales department of Schlosser, I found 4 major competitors in the market and analyzed their pages with similar elements that most often attract users.

Introduction to design


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Bulding a wireframes


Product Archive

Product Page

Usability test


User Recordings

Design theme


Product Archive

Product Page

Simple page

Contact page

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