Project Overview

is an application designed for administering, documenting, creating, reporting, and providing courses. It supports the work of HR departments and helps to achieve incoming goals and growth in business by implementing eLearning strategies. It suits the needs of companies from both the private and public sectors.


UX/UI Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator


My task was to design the management of application users, as well as the end result


The most common problems during the registration system are:

  • Ineffective responsive version
  • Unfriendly design for the user
  • No accessibility standards
    non-intuitive elements in the system
  • Tables in the RWD version are problematic

Solution proposed

I proposed a complete redesign taking into account contemporary design standards. I paid attention to text size, color contrast and design consistency. I designed it taking into account the mobile first principle. I expanded individual elements of the module with new functionalities.


The business department provided a specific list of user problems, errors and elements that raised doubts, I conducted research with users of individual elements and paths. I followed the example of CRM systems where large amounts of data are presented in a responsive and user-friendly way for all screens. I analyzed the competition and calculated good and bad elements to include or omit them in my design

User requirements

System information architecure



End User

Analysis sources

1. Central Statistical Office - Characteristics of continuing professional training in enterprises in Poland 2020

Prepared by: Statistical Office in Gdańsk, Director Jerzy Auksztol 2015

Stefan M. Kwiatkowski, Development of professional competences…

Prepared by: Statistical Office in Gdańsk, Director Jerzy Auksztol 2015

Development tailored to your needs - How to analyze and order training services?

Prepared by: Łukasz MaŁecki-Tepicht (2018)

The role of training in the development of human capital in the era of knowledge economy on the example of academic business incubators (AIP)

Prepared by: Łukasz Siemieniuk - University of Białystok, Faculty of Economics and Management

The role of employee training in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Prepared by: Doctoral thesis of Paula Urban - University of Economics in Krakow - Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Department of Human Capital Management. Promoter - Prof. dr hab. Aleksy Pocztowski

Analysis of training needs and training plan for Volvo Poland

Extract from the article by Magdalena Dubel – Borycka, Center for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Design system




Color Pallette

System icons

IBM Carbon Design System




Building wireframes





Design Team

A. Gajewska, K.Zubrzycki, M.Kopciowski, R. Kołodziejewski

Gromar sp. z o.o.

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