A unique Design System for the American system from the Human Resources industry

The client needed a universal, simple and functional system for HR management in various organizations. My task was to create an entire design system for the new product and implement it into design screens


Human Resources

Company Management






Creating a universal design system for a client who would like to expand their portfolio with additional products in the future


Design basics

- A consistent system for all systems

- Established the key visual language

- Built a unified and scalable Design System

- Documentation for the Design System and product development process

- Roadmap for developing the Design System

Space for design

- Clear and understandable for developers

- Responsive

- Universal for subsequent products

- Project skeleton documentation

Atomic Design

The initial phase involved comprehending our client's business requirements, outlining the project scope, facilitating the identification of process flows with the team, and establishing a roadmap. Subsequently, we organized a workshop to formalize the project plan, key performance indicators (KPIs), and underwent a comprehensive UX & UI audit along with our onboarding process.

Unifying Project

We commenced by studying our competitors and discerning which elements required standardization and which ones necessitated modernization. Collaborating with internal Product Managers and designers, we tackled usability challenges hindering users' effective navigation of marine processes within applications. In terms of UX, our primary emphasis was on optimizing data hierarchy, enhancing the transparency and intuitiveness of functionalities, and ensuring accessibility.

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